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Handmade Custom Fishing Rods

Captain Fred Duncan's Handmade Custom Striper Fishing Rods

Captain Fred Duncan's Handmade Custom Striper Fishing Rods I started making fishing rods in 1975. I was taught by a fillipino steelhead and striper fisherman when we lived in Pacifica California, a coastal suburb of San Francisco. Off and on over the years, I've made many rods for myself. I got lazy about it for a long time up until I started striper fishing professionally nine years ago.I've used just about every commercially available striper rod ever made. A very few were quite good, only for those to go out of production... Most just couldn't hold up to the pounding that I put equipment through. I've had so many rods break setting hooks, guides that come apart, cheap handles that fall apart due to the low grade of cork used by the Chinese, Koreans and every other nation in the world that specializes in making massed produced, cheap as hell fishing poles for the American market. They can be found in abundance at the Bass Pro shops and Cabela's.I set out a few years ago to make the ultimate freshwater, live bait striper rod. I've tried many blanks. You want a soft tipped med to med-heavy fiberglass, not graphite, blank for this purpose. Glass is more durable than graphite. It is also softer. Modern fiberglass blanks have come a long way in development in recent years. Modern laminate technology has been perfected.I build these rods for my customers to use and use hard. I want my people to have a fine fishing instrument in their hands when they power-up on a 20lb striper. Many guides use the cheapest commercial rods they can find with the idea that there will be many break during the season. When it happens, they're not out much money and can easily buy another fine product from China....I find it hard to criticize their thinking. BUT, its not my thinking.Several customers have been asking me about buying one of my rods. I have up til now, declined to sell them. The Primary reason has been time.
It takes me about a week to make one of these rods. I cannot quantify the hours. The handles themselves are not preformed. I use exotic burl cork with each ring reamed and glued onto the other. This is a very time consuming, yet rewarding process. I can Wrap your rod in any color you like. I can also personalize your rod with a name using "Cap'n Fred Script" written in either gold or silver. The end result is to me, the best live bait striper rod I've ever used. Captain Fred Duncan's Handmade Custom Striper Fishing Rods
Captain Fred Duncan's Handmade Custom Striper Fishing Rods They are truly hand made and wrapped. I know that at $375.00 a piece, plus $25.00 S/H that these rods are not for everybody. You can buy a Shakespeare Ugly Stick at Wal-Mart for I think about 55 bucks. I'm a fishing guide first and foremost. They're are times due to fishing conditions, that I have time to throw myself into the fire and be consumed by the rod making process...I offer a money back guarantee. Upon receiving your rod, if you do not like it, I'll give your money back. Believe me, I can always use another rod .... These rods are quite striking but make no mistake, they are built to my own strict standards and are made for hard core fishing.

Good Fishing, Cap'n Fred


7 ft ONE PIECE 12-20 lb Test Rod
8 guides,double wrapped (A)
Trigger reel seat w/ stainless hood
Rear handle 9 1/4" Front handle 3 3/4"
$375.00 + $25 S/H
A $100 Deposit Is Required
Captain Fred Duncan's Handmade Custom Striper Fishing Rods