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Captain Fred Duncan's Lake Allatoona Striper Fishing Articles

Catching and Care of Live Bait

Gizzard Shad and Threadfin Shad on Lake Allatoona

No other specific aspect of Lake Allatoona Striper Fishing is treated with so much secrecy than this one. I will cover some of the basics and leave the rest to the hard work, that will follow anyone that heads down this road. Gizzard shad and threadfin shad are abundant in Lake Allatoona. Lake Allatoona is a very fertile lake. At times, the threadfin shad populations literally explode to numbers better left to a quantum physicist! Basically, on Lake Allatoona, we have two types of shad covered in this web site. The gizzard shad on Lake Allatoona lives most abundantly in places where the water runoff from rains flow habitually into Lake Allatoona, month in, month out. They are not, for the most part, deep, open water fish. But prefer the heavily silted creeks and backwaters of Lake Allatoona. They are usually caught by Lake Allatoona Striper fishermen in 10 ft of water or less. Cast nets of varying sizes are used to catch shad on Lake Allatoona. I prefer myself a 9 ft. Many throws usually have to be made to fill a good size bait tank. Thats why I do not throw a bigger, heavier net. In the end, whatever size cast net a person can throw effectively is the best way to go. Its an individual choice. However, it is true that the bigger the net, the more effective. But if a person throws a 12 ft, and can only get that net to open and capture 7 ft, then why kill yourself. Bigger is not always better. Perfect envelopement is the goal. Attain that with whatever size you can master.

Threadfin shad are a more numerous and smaller shad that inhabits the open lake. Often found in giant schools or slicks, when found concentrated, they are a Lake Allatoona Striper Guides best friend. Usually found on your fishfinder, you throw the net and let it sink, sometimes to 35 ft. Threadfin are good to use in winter on Lake Allatoona. They are the primary forage for both Hybrid Striped Bass and the regular Striped Bass. Lake Allatoona Striper Fishing done well, includes these two types of baitfish. Hybrid Striped Bass on Lake Allatoona feed almost exclusively on threadfin. Same thing for Allatoona Stripers.

Once caught, you need a good bait tank to keep these delicate baitfish in. Most Lake Allatoona Striper Fishing Guides use a good quality bait tank that areates the water well. On Lake Allatoona, you'll find most striper fisherman use at least a 20 gallon and 30 gallon shad tank.. Shad are not long term investments! Once in captivity, you need to use them rather quickly. Most Lake Allatoona Fishing Guides also add 1 1/2 - 2 cups of rock salt to the water in their bait tanks. This will help prolong their shelf life. In summer, cool the water down on hot days with ice. One bag usually does it. Just keep the water cool to the touch, no more...Live shad are considered the holy grail of Lake Allatoona Striper Fishing.

Nothing but hard work will suffice to their capture, treatment and employment. As a Lake Allatoona Striper Fishing Guide, most of my time is consumed by the pursuit of these baitfish. Hybrid Striped Bass and regular Striped Bass feed almost exclusively on shad. Lake Allatoona Fishing is less tough with them, than without them.
- Good Fishing! Cap'n Fred Duncan
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