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Shad Facts

Gizzard Shad

Threadfin Shad

Can Live As Long As 10-13 Year.
Normal Age is 7 Years
Only Live 3-4 Years
Can Reach Size of 16" and 1.5lbs Rarely Exceed Over 7 Inches
Both Gizzard & Threadfin Shad Are Susceptible To Thermal Stress In Cold Water. Threadfin Are The Most Temperature Sensitive And Cannot Survive in Water 39 Degrees Or Less.
Silvery In Color With Forked Tail.
No Color On Tail
Blunt Nose
Dark purplish spot about the size of the eye present immediately behind the upper end of the gill opening, The spot will disappear with age.
Silvery In Color With Forked Tail
Yellow Tinge On Tail
Lower Jaw Protrudes Beyond the Snout
Distinct spot smaller than eye behind gill is always present.